About SBSH

About SBSH

The School of Basic Sciences and Humanities attempt to promote a learning culture that trains students to be key contributors to society through their scientific, professional, and interpersonal skills. The School's diverse faculty and students flourish in an environment of innovative thoughts and concepts that expand the understanding of science and technology.

In addition to being a modern leader in science and humanities education, we attempt to achieve our university’s land-grant mission of advancing Jordan’s scientific mobility, competitiveness, and standard of living through our contributions towards science and inspiration, steady development, a diverse workforce, and ultimate learning. The School also is firmly dedicated to and aligned with the University's Innovative Themes: Science, Engineering, and Technology.

The wide range of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary within the School means much more than scientific and technical knowledge. Integrating academic excellence of the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities continues to be our obligation and practice.


The vision of SBSH is to provide an outstanding education to our students and impart their fundamental in all facets of STEM needed to acquire better expertise in all disciplines of Science and Engineering by

  • Offering excellent teaching and learning, producing quality research output, and rendering relevant community services.

  • Harnessing the power of fundamental sciences for the development of potential technologies to be employed for efficient management of Science and Engineering.

  • Introducing innovative teaching methodologies and evaluation strategies which shall chisel the professional etiquette of the students.

  • Providing the students with the best opportunities and environment for education by training and developing the basic skill-sets which in turn facilitates the students to attain high levels of academic excellence and scientific temper, technical and professional competencies, and life skills.


The mission of the School of Basic Science and Humanities is to

  • Establish a world-class educational school that shall be a Center of Excellence in their stated and implied sense.

  • Provide holistic development in the areas of knowledge, skills, and attitude by extending personal care, professional teaching, and stimulating a thirst for research so as to raise spiritually matured, ethically strong, and academically excellent students.

  • Develop the state of art for carrying out research in frontier areas of science to meet the challenges of global competitiveness.

  • Become a balanced teaching, learning, and research facility and implement our expertise in an innovative manner.


Based on the vision and mission, the School of Basic Science and Humanities has the following objectives

  • To take up the challenge of becoming visionary and realistic, sensitive and demanding, innovative and practical, and theoretical and pragmatic, at the same time.

  • To improve the qualifications of school members.

  • To increase research and innovation outputs.

  • To engage with the community and render relevant community services.


The goals of the School of Basic Science and Humanities is to

  • Provide a broadly-based liberal arts education at the undergraduate level and acquire skills that will prepare students for lifelong learning and success in a global society.

  • Apply critical thinking skills across a variety of disciplines, including mathematics, physics, communication, the social sciences, and humanities to have lifelong learners, Creative Thinkers, Innovators, and Collaborative and Independent Problem Solvers.

  • To continually strive to improve teaching and subsequently improve learning and critical thinking skills among divisions.

  • To provide students the opportunities to develop the reasoning, judgment, and leadership skills necessary to identify problems, develop solutions to problems, implement these solutions, and evaluate the effectiveness of these solutions.

Core Values

  • Respecting students as budding engineers and scientists embarking on a journey toward innovation and invention

  • Nurturing freedom of thought and expression and encouraging a sense of inquiry

  • Empowering each person to raise to his/her full potential

  • Respecting the opinions and rights of others