The smart grid lab at GJU is established in 2018 and includes a research team that focuses on smart grid topics to conduct several research topics. The research group works in three areas: energy management and renewable energy systems, storage systems and electric vehicles, smart sensors, and precision devices.

Research projects:
  •  Innovative Peer to Peer Electricity Sharing Towards the Development of Smart and Cooperative Microgrids (IAPP18-19\163), [March 2019 – September 2021]. 
  • Decarbonizing Jordanian Energy Systems Utilizing Smart Solutions based on Energy Storage (DJES), [May 2021- March 2023].
  • Digital Twin Software to Control Part of Jordanian Electrical Networks with Considering the Cyber-Security Aspect (DTSA), [April 2021- April 2023
  • Advanced Teaching and training on Smart grid & Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Systems (AT-SGIRES)
  • Modeling and Simulation Distributed Energy Resources in Smart Grid: Management and Optimization.
  • Development of Higher Education Teaching Modules on the Socio-economic Impacts of the Renewable Energy Implementation.
  • Development Of Environmental Engineering Courses And Injection Of Climate Change Concept For Undergraduate Curriculum.

a. Energy management and renewable energy Systems research:

  • Business Model of Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading: A Review of Literature
  •  Stochastic Procurement of Fast Reserve Services in Renewable Integrated Power Systems.
  • An integrated framework for sizing and energy management of hybrid energy systems using finite automata.
  • Optimization of Fuzzy Energy-Management System for Grid-Connected Microgrid Using NSGA-II.
  • ESCoBox : A Set of Tools for Mini-Grid Sustainability in the Developing World.
  • Introduction to the special section on the integration of renewable energy with the power grid (VSI-irep).
  • Stability analysis of connected large-scale renewable energy sources into Jordanian national power grid.
  •  Small Wind Turbine Blade Design and Optimization.
  • Competencies of Fault Ride Through in Microgrid Modeling: A Case Study," 2021 IEEE Jordan International Joint Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (JEEIT)


b. Smart sensors and micro-devices research:

  •  Experimental characterization of inkjet-printed stretchable circuits for wearable sensor applications.
  • Performance enhancement of the synchronous micropump based on experimental and numerical investigations of the magnetic field flux density in planar microcoils. 
  • Spiral microchannels with trapezoidal cross-section fabricated by femtosecond laser ablation in glass for the inertial separation of microparticles.


Smart Grid Lab Team
  • Prof. Ala'aldeen Al-Halhouli
President of the German Jordanian University, in Amman, Jordan. 
  • Dr. Hani Muhsen
Associate Professor, Vice Dean of Student Affairs


  • Dr. Makawi Diab Hraiz
Postdoc  at Universidad de cádiz


  • Eng. Musab Hamdan
MS. computer engineering
Research Assistant


  • Eng. Mohammed Al-Mahmodi
MS. Renewable Energy
Research Assistant


  • Eng. Asma Alkhraibat
MS. computer engineering
Research Assistant



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Mutah University 

Contact Information.
Amman Madaba Street
P.O. Box 35247
Amman 11180 Jordan
Working Hours
Sunday to Thursday
08:00 am to 04:00 pm
Friday & Saturday: Closed
Eng. Musab Hamdan​