Student Services Division

This division provides many services to our students, including:

1. Issuance of university IDs for all university students, whether they are issued for the first time or a replacement for damaged, lost or expired ones for the bachelor's and master's stages, in addition to training courses, diplomas, and exchange programs, where the application for a university ID is submitted through a QR Code Application – Bar Code.

2. Issuing permits for students' cars to enter the university campus, where the division works to secure car parks for students registered at the university and announces at the beginning of each semester for students wishing to benefit from car parks so that the division supervises the organization of its affairs and rents them for a nominal fee, as follows:

100 Jordanian dinars for the first semester.

100 Jordanian dinars for the second semester.

50 dinars for the summer semester.

This is done by circulating the registration link at the beginning of each semester, as the garages available to students are garages A, C, and D, with priority given to those who register first on the link (a form of commitment to good use of the classroom in addition to the required papers.

3. Student Fund: It is divided into three main sections:

4. First: Aid: It is divided as follows:

 -Financial aid for the following categories:

a- Less fortunate students

b- Distinguished students of student activities, not exceeding 8000 dinars.

Second: Loans: They are divided into emergency loans and ordinary loans - currently not activated.0

Third: Student Employment: Students are circulated about the opening of registration for the Student Employment Program at the beginning of each semester, bearing in mind that the maximum allowed weekly is 12 hours at two dinars per hour.

5. Issuing good conduct and behavior certificates after filling out the form designated for this.

6. Health insurance services: The head of the Student Services Division, in cooperation and coordination with the clinic doctor, follow up on the financial claims received from students, sends them, and follows up with the insurance company to collect the financial refunds.

7. Follow up on students' complaints and suggestions on any of the above tasks.

Arab and Foreign Students Services Section

As a part of the student services department in the Deanship of Student Affairs, the international students' division aims to support the international students who chose the German Jordanian University to obtain a unique and distinguished academic experience that combines theoretical and applied education.

Studying at German Jordanian University considers as an opportunity for international students to spend one year in Germany. In the first semester, the students join one of our partners' universities and get the chance to conduct their training in leading German companies. On the other hand, studying in Jordan is considered a privilege in which the student can learn more about the diversity in history and culture and the fact that Jordan is known as a safe country.

Vision: To help students adapt to the university's life requirements, stimulate their energies, and enhance their positive values ​​to be ambassadors of the university in their countries and ambassadors for their countries in Jordan.

Objectives: The International Students Division seeks to achieve the following objectives.

Administration side:

Helping students obtain their annual student residency and helping them in the renewal process during their studies.

Providing visas to enter the Jordanian Kingdom for students wishing to study at the university

Granting the students pledges to the customs department to obtain temporary entry plates.

Holding periodic meetings with international students to find out the problems they face during their studies.

Following up on the affairs of the graduates and work to strengthen their relationship with the university, follow up their achievements, and provide them with information about the courses and vacancies offered in the labor market.

Exemption of students.

Holding meetings for cultural attaches students in their countries.


Academic aspect:

Follow up on student admission and registration at the university.

Follow up on the educational attainment of students.



Helping students integrate and adapt to the university environment by preparing recreational, cultural, and sports programs and activities to develop the values ​​of cooperation and competition.

Organizing internal trips for international students to introduce the cultural and touristic places of Jordan.

Organizing an artistic, cultural exhibition for students annually highlighting their culture, civilization, heritage, and history of their countries.

Encouraging students to participate in the cultural activities and student clubs organized by the Deanship of students affairs.


Health Care Unit

Health unit Vision:

The health unit seeks to be a comprehensive medical center that provides students at the university with comprehensive health and medical services such as ambulance, tests, diagnosis , treatment , prevention and guidance , or students.


1. provide primary health care for students and workers, and commit to providing basic treatment services to patients.

2. Improve the health level and maintaining a healthy and sound university environment.

3. Spread health awareness and dedicating a culture of disease prevention and healthy behaviors for students.


1- Receiving and aiding sick cases, providing the necessary treatment services through clinical tests, prescribing the necessary treatments, requesting the necessary diagnostic tests, and dispensing medicines to patients.

2- Making treatment transfers when needed by giving a treatment form to students to hospitals, medical centers and other specialty clinics within the medical network approved by the insurance company. With our best wishes to you in good health and safety

3- Only nine forms are given to each student during the academic year, three forms per semester.

4- Issuing and approving medical licenses and reports.

5- Guidance and health education for students.

6- Supervising the public facilities of the university in terms of health to ensure the availability of conditions for public health and safety.

7- Participation in health and extracurricular activities.

8- Participation in the corona, emergency and health committees, supervising cafeterias and public safety at the university.

9- Hanging health educational posters and brochures and distributing some health educational publications to students.

10- Coordination with the Deanship of Student Affairs to work –campaigns for blood donation, breast cances and vaccination for the corona virus.


Counseling and Psychological Services Office (CaPS)


1- Providing a healthy environment.

2- Diversity of services.


4- Striving for excellence.

5 - Cooperation


Empowering students psychologically, socially and academically, and achieving internal balance by ensuring the best guidance Services.

The message:

The Office of Psychological Counseling and Student Empowerment at the German Jordanian University works to support and promote mental health in all its aspects to be empowered to solve their problems and ways to confront and prevent them. In addition, the office helps the students understand themselves and reach the highest levels of excellence, creativity, academic success, and personal growth. The provided services by the office include psychological counseling sessions, group counseling, lectures, and seminars.