Unusual times call for unusual measures.... This is why we at the school of natural resources engineering and management at the German Jordanian University take pride in being at the forefront of providing excellent education, up to date training, and immense support to our students at both the Civil and Environmental Engineering and at the Energy Engineering departments.


The two departments of the school represent two key pillars of the global sustainable development. Having these two departments under one roof is a testimony to the vision carried by the German Jordanian University of being a pioneer in tracking global trends and leading local and regional transformations in the way future engineers are forged.


School’s vision

Be the lead educator of young engineers in the fields of Energy engineering and Civil and Environmental engineering in Jordan and the region. And to become a research hub for area of Energy, water and the environment, along with the other classis civil engineering fields.


School’s mission

  • Provide the suitable educational experience to our students where they are educated, challenged, and their leadership skills honed.
  • Create an environment in which researchers tackle relevant, up to date, and significant challenges.
  • Attract the best educators with a diverse background experience and knowledge and excellent communication abilities.
  • Encourage interaction between the various national and international stakeholders in the fields of civil and environmental engineering and energy engineering.
  • Be mindful to the needs of the local community encourage projects that would improve the standard of living.



Whither you are an aspiring student, a young academic wanting to join our school, or an engineer looking for a collaboration opportunity … the school of natural resources engineering and management welcomes you!


Dean of School of Natural Resources Engineering and Management

Dr. Qasem Abdelal