It is always our pleasure to welcome both our new and old students at the beginning of each academic year at GJU.
Our student body consists of 4675 students in both the Bachelor and the Masters’ programs. Nearly 4237 students are currently enrolled in the Bachelor program, while nearly 438 are registered in the Master’s program.
We take pride in the fact that our students come from different countries worldwide; therefore our student body is truly an international one.
Many students come from our neighboring Arab countries, while others come from the European, Asian, African and American continents and even from as far as Australia.
We also have exchange students who come for a semester or two from our partner universities in Germany.
The Admission and Registration Department, the Deanship of Students’ Affairs, the International Office and the Office of Industrial Links, together with all our Schools and Departments are keen on making academic life as Fruitful and as enjoyable as possible for our students during their study at GJU.
As you probably know, all our students must spend one year in Germany in order to graduate from GJU. This ‘year’ is one of our most important features, because it enables our students to have a firsthand experience of living and studying in Germany, which has a tremendous positive effect on their personalities, skills, and abilities. The one semester they spend training in Germany opens up doors and gives them real hands-on experience in a real working environment.
This makes our students’ profiles even more attractive when applying for jobs after graduation, because having a working experience in the German industry is something that is highly appreciated in Jordan and elsewhere.