How do I apply? Is there an online application?

Applicants should come to the GJU Campus/Admission and Registration Department. We do not provide online applications to applicants, we only provide paper applications.

IGCSE applicants can apply in July before getting their A-level grades by providing their O-levels grades and their A-level (expected) grades and they will get a conditional acceptance until they provide us with their certified equivalency.Please refer to the admission requirements and regulations for more information.

What is the difference between the regular program and the international program?

Regular Program: It is for students of Jordanian nationality who have obtained the Jordanian General Secondary School Certificate.
International/Parallel Program (Foreign Certificates): It is for students of Jordanian nationality who hold a non-Jordanian general secondary certificate, or for non-Jordanian students who hold non-Jordanian certificates.


What is the minimum required average for admission?

  • The Minimum required average for applying to all the Engineering majors is 80%
  • The Minimum required average for applying to the School of Management and Logistic Sciences is 75%.
  • And the Minimum required average for applying to the School of Languages and the Design & Visual Communication major is 70%.
Please note that you still have to compete with all the other applicants. Having the minimum average required for applying does not mean that the student will be accepted. The students with the highest averages only will be accepted depending on the places available each semester. Please refer to the admission requirements for further information.

When do the first and the second academic semesters start?

  • The beginning of classes for the first academic semester is usually in the beginning of October.
  • GJU offers a compulsory intensive German Language course for all new applicants, which starts in September for one month.
  • The beginning of classes for the second academic semester is usually in mid-February

What placement tests are needed after getting enrolled in GJU?

All accepted applicants sit for compulsory Arabic and English placement tests after they get accepted in order to assign them to the adequate level in the Arabic and English courses.
Students who already have German Language knowledge can sit for an optional German placement test in order to be exempted from some/all German courses, depending on their results.
There is also a mathematics exam for all students applying to engineering majors. Those who fail must register in a pre-mathematics course.

Is the language of instruction at the GJU German?

The language of instruction at the GJU is English but all students should complete six courses of the German language during their study at the GJU.

Is the German Language required for admission?

It is not necessary for the new applicants to know German before getting accepted at the GJU. Most students start taking German from level 1.

Is there an entrance exam required before getting the acceptance?

Only applicants who apply for the Architecture major or the Design & Visual Communication major should sit for an entrance exam in addition to an interview to decide whether the applicant is eligible to join the School of Architecture and Built Environment or not.
Please visit the link here for further information regarding the entrance exam.

Can a student transfer from other universities to GJU?

Students from other universities can apply to the GJU as new applicants with the same Admission Requirements that are applied to all new applicants.

Regarding the courses they already studied, their grade should be 60% (D+) or above, and they should get a course description for each course from their previous university in order for the GJU to decide whether the credit hours will be accepted for them or not.

Is the German year compulsory and how much does it cost?

The German year is compulsory for all students; six months studying in a German university and six months working as an intern in a German company. The German year is one of the study plan requirements that all students should complete in order to graduate. It must be noted that all enrolled students are responsible for all the financial expenses during their residency in Germany, which could be up to 10,000 Jordanian Dinars.

Does the GJU offer accommodation for the students?

We do not have university dorms, but the Deanship of Student Affairs usually help students to find suitable apartments near the university or in Amman.

When is the application period?

  • The application period for the first semester of the academic year begins in the first week of July

  • The application period for the second semester of the academic year begins in the first week of January.

  • The dead line for applying is one week after the Jordanian General Secondary Certificate (Tawjihi) results.

What are the acceptable certificates for admission to the GJU?

  • The Jordanian General Secondary School Certificate (Tawjih

An equivalency from the Ministry of Education for the following certificates

  • IB (International Baccalaureate).
  • Other foreign non-Jordanian certificates.
  • Applicants with Arab Certificates should get their certificates authenticated from the Ministry of Education in Jordan.

For further details on the Equivalency please refer to the Jordanian Ministry of Education “Equivalency link