When can I apply for the Professional Training Certificate Program in Social Work/Migration and Refugees?

Please stay updated with announcements made on the university website and the Consultation and Training Center Facebook page. 

Do we offer courses during the summer semester?

No, the school does not offer any courses on the summer semester, however the students can take courses from the University electives and Compulsory courses. 


What are requirements for traveling to Germany as a Translation or GEBC student? 

1- Minimum GPA of 61

2- Passing German VI

3- Passing English 5

4- Field Training (160 Hours)

5- Passing the 4 parts of the B1 exam

6- Passing Arabic 100 

7- Finishing at least 90 Credit hours of the study plan



What certificates do we accept for the B1?


Goethe Institute 

Can I submit a certificate from an outside institute and be exempted from German levels? 

You need to do a placement test at the school even if you submitted a certificate. 

When is the MA in Social Work/ Migration and Refugees offered?


We are open to receive applications for every 1st semester of each academic year. Please stay updated through the announcements from the Deanship of Graduate Studies. 

My B.A. is unrelated to Social Sciences, can I still apply to the M.A. in Social Work/ Migration and Refugees?


Yes, you are welcome to apply, we consider applications uniquely and have previously accepted students from different and diverse 1st degrees. 

Can I obtain equivalency for my credits of the professional training certificate in Social Work in the MA?

Unfortunately that is not the case, since while the topics and courses are similar, the certificates are not considered by the ministry of higher education to be of similar academic levels, and therefore the courses cannot be equivalized in the Master's program. 

I work at an NGO, can I do my internship credits for the MA in Social Work/ Migration and Refugees where I work?

Yes, if you are able to work on different projects and achieve the internship course objectives within your organization. Please consult with your course professor for the best way to acheive that.