The German Jordanian University (GJU) was found on two missions: its German Dimension and its Applied Science Approach. No other School better visualizes this profile than the School of Applied Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHSS).

The Department of Applied Humanities builds a linguistic bridge between Jordan and Germany as well as the Arab region and Europe. It prepares Jordanian students for a professional life in international relations, translation, interpretation, teaching, and business. It combines German, English, and Arabic for both Jordanian and German students. The study offers a range of Summer Schools, Language Courses, and Professional Training Courses for Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs. A strong GJU Network with German University Partners is a door opener for Ph.D. studies in Germany. The Department of Languages envisions to become an internationally recognized Regional Competence Center for the German language. German as a foreign language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache – DaF) is a study option in all programs. Close cooperation with the Goethe Institute and the GJU German Language Center (one of the world’s largest outside Germany), guarantees constant exchange on quality assurance and teaching didactics. The Department’s graduates are agents of internationalization for Jordan’s business. They are the new generation of German language teachers to meet the increasing demands in universities and schools in Jordan as well as the region. With respect to the German language, the School strives to become a regional hub for students, teachers, and researchers from Arab countries and Germany alike.

The Department of Social Work is the first incarnation of social sciences and humanities in the School and University. Established in 2016, it hosts the Master’s Program as well as the Professional Training “Social Work: Refugees and Migrants”. Both are internationally well noticed and attract many students from the region and Europe. The Department envisions to become a driver for the development of Jordan’s Social Work discipline and profession. The aim is an internationally well-connected Social Work education, research, and practice that is localized according to the specific circumstances of Jordan, its institutions, society, and culture. It fosters a truly scientific approach, by teaching in English integrating the vast international literature, studies, and discourses. Social Work at GJU brings together scholars and students from inside and outside Jordan in a multitude of workshops, conferences, projects, and mobility's. While the original focus of the Department had been on the omnipresent refugee situation and the role of Social Work therein, from now on it will seize additional areas of action like Children, Youth and Families, Inclusion and Adult Education. They are able to compare, apply and evaluate scientifically based methods in their daily practice and have broadened their horizon to reach and cross scientific, territorial and imagined frontiers.

All bachelor students of the School will challenge and enrich themselves during their German Year, spending one semester in one of SAHSS's 11 German partner universities and another semester as internee in a German institution. The students will grow – scientifically, linguistically and personally. Master students are provided different opportunities to gain international experiences – be it by flying faculty, incoming or outgoing study groups or thesis mobility, respectively virtual or real exchange.

Through the application-based approach, well-known from German Universities of Applied Sciences, graduates are well-prepared for the demands of the labor market. Employability is our key mission.

All study programs are accredited according to Jordanian standards. In addition, the school received the German accreditation for Translation (German, English, Arabic), German and English for Business and Communication and M.A. Master DaF.



Prof. Dr. Haytham Althawabih

Dean of the School of Applied Humanities and Social Sciences