Do you have accommodations for students of the hosted programs?

Please note that THWS, like all German universities, cannot offer accommodation for its students itself but is closely cooperating with the responsible public and private providers in this regard. You could either search for an individual apartment for your own or apply for the student dormitories at Würzburg or Schweinfurt. 

What are hosted programs?

The programs offer a distinctive study experience that begins at the GJU in Jordan and ends at the THWS in Germany. Unlike other study options at GJU, graduates acquire a German degree. They thus fulfil the academic requirements to practice their profession in Germany, Jordan and the Arab region. Immediately upon graduation, they are eligible for a residency to seek employment in Germany. 

Which hosted program does GJU offer?

At the moment GJU offers two hosted programs:

B.A.  Social Work Transnational

B. Eng. Hydrogen Technology Transnational

Is the Hydrogen Technology program accredited by the Jordanian Engineers Association?

The Jordanian Engineers Association endorsed that graduates of Hydrogen Technology Major will be  registered at JEA  Mechanical Section, Thermal Engineering Department, Energy Engineering Branch.

What is the timeline for the hosted programs?

Students will typically start with a pre-year at GJU that prepares them for the study program which spans one academic year. After that, the course of study spans over 5 semesters for the B.A. Social Work with 2 semesters at GJU and 3 at THWS. For the B.Eng. Hydrogen Technology students will spend 4 semesters at GJU and 3 at THWS. The first intake for the pre-year starts this winter semester 2023/2024 at GJU. The application period is open and will last until 5th of October 2023.

What are the tuition fees for the hosted programs?


For Social Work (Transnational), the tuition fees are approximately 17.800 JOD (pre-year included). For Hydrogen Technology (Transnational), the tuition fees are approximately 27.500 JOD (pre-year included). This covers all semester courses and exams. (Please, take into consideration volatile exchange rates as the fees to THWS would have to be paid in EURO). Retaking an exam or a course in the German program or extending your studies by the one or the other semester in Germany is free (no credit hour system). Please note that by law a German health care insurance is required after the pre-year; for the time still in Jordan that means you would have it in addition to the Jordanian one. Costs for the German health insurance range between approximately 600-1110 € per year. 

Do you have scholarships for the hosted programs?

At the moment, we do have Magdeburg-Stendal Sur-Place and third country Scholarship for the first semester of the Pre-Year. 

What is the pre-year?

As graduates of the hosted programs will hold a German degree, they must fulfill certain requirements regarding the qualification for admission to a German university. By law, Tawjihi and most other international school-leaving qualifications are not recognized as such a qualification, unfortunately. The required German language skills are also usually lacking. For this reason, GJU in close cooperation with THWS sets up a pre-year's course for each of the hosted programs that, if successfully passed, can be fully counted towards the duration of the degree for Social Work and in large parts for Hydrogen Technology. It also provides the German language skills required for the first admission level at B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). 

What are the costs for the pre-year?

Approximately 6.525 JOD. This includes all pre-semester courses and German language classes. 

What are the requirements for the pre-year?

For the B.A. Social Work students need the General Secondary Certificate (Jordanian Tawjihi) or any other equivalent certificate.

Degree: 70%

For the B.Eng. Hydrogen Technology students need the General Secondary Certificate (Jordanian Tawjihi) or any other equivalent certificate.

Degree: 80%

Students of both programs must also have a B2 English certificate when entering either one the pre-year or the German hosted program, itself.


The following English certificates are accepted:


  •  English Placement Test at GJU-CERF "the Common European Framework of References for Languages"
  • Valid TOEFL IBT® test result of Minimum 83 points (internet-based) 
  • Valid IELTS test (Minimum 6.0 points)
  • Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) or Cambridge B2 First, minimum grade C
  •  Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) or Cambridge C1 Advanced, minimum level B2
  •  UNIcert® Certificate, minimum level II (UniCert® II)
  • Any other equivalent certificate, GJU would typically accept as an equivalent for the aforementioned.

What are the requirements for the German hosted programs?

The prerequisites for admission to both programs are a proof of:

a) the general university entrance qualification for German universities of applied sciences,

b) the subject-related university entrance qualification (also conveyed by the GJU pre-year),

c) the advanced technical college entrance qualification, or

d) an entrance qualification for a bachelor's degree program at universities of applied sciences recognized as equivalent by law or by the competent state authority.

The course of study is not subject to a numerus clausus admission restriction.

Further language admission requirements for the study program are German and English language skills. Students must provide evidence of the following German certificates:

  • at the beginning of the study program (or by the end of the GJU pre-year): at least B1 (CEFR)
  • by the end of the 4th semester at the latest: at least B2 (CEFR) (It is assumed that a language level of C1 is required to pass the German language modules, which is why the GJU language courses also aim at this level.

It is also highly recommended to continue language training once having moved to Germany.) Students must demonstrate an English certificate of at least B2 (or TOEFL: at least 72) prior to the 1st semester (prior to the GJU pre-year).Passed exams at the German Language Center of the GJU will be accepted as proof. Arabic language skills are an advantage for practical components in the second semester, but not mandatory.

What are the costs of living in Würzburg-Schweinfurt?

Würzburg and Schweinfurt are fantastic locations to study abroad – also for financial reasons. Life in Franconia is cheaper than in many other parts of Germany. However, you will still need to plan for certain fixed costs for your studies at THWS.