Prepare for Your Journey at THWS with the Pre-Year Program at GJU

At GJU, we value academic excellence and want to ensure all our students are well-prepared for success. Therefore, and to facilitate the admission of Jordanian and international students to the German degree programs, we have set up the pre-year. As graduates of the hosted programs will hold a German degree, they must fulfill certain requirements regarding the qualification for admission to a German university.

Here's what you can expect during this crucial pre-year:  

1. Study at GJU: During the pre-year, you will be enrolled as a GJU student, where you'll complete the first, second, and summer semesters. These courses will lay the foundation for your academic journey at THWS.  The pre-year, if successfully completed, will be fully counted towards the duration of the degree for Social Work Transnational and for Hydrogen Technology Transnational. 

2. Pass Required Courses: Once you successfully complete the necessary courses at GJU, you will be officially registered at THWS and will be subject to THWS university's regulations, just like any other student.  

3. Language Preparation: Language proficiency is essential for your success at THWS. During the pre-year, you will receive intensive German language classes to meet required Language B1 level. To ensure you reach this level, besides the language courses visited during the first and second semesters, the students will spend three months during the summer of 2024 immersed in intensive German language courses.

At GJU, we are committed to your success. Rest assured that by the end of this pre-year program, you will have the necessary skills and language proficiency to excel at THWS.  
Additionally, as a student in our Hosted Programs, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in degree-oriented courses alongside language instruction from renowned instructors and professors. This ensures a well-rounded and enjoyable academic experience during your pre-year at THWS.  


The pre-year is mandatory for those that do not have the required admission certificates, most Jordanian and international students, and don't have the required German level.