Prof. Dr. Reem Rabadi
Full Professor
PHONE: +962 6 4294702 Ext. 4711

Educational Background

Applied Linguistics
Applied Linguistics
English Language and Literature. Minor Economy and Statistics

Selected Publications

2018 Althawbih, H. , Rabadi, R. I. ,"English Translation of the Arabic Ellipted Verbs in the Holy Quran: A Contrastive Study",Jordan Journal of Islamic Studies,14 (3),2018
2018 Rabadi, R. I. , Althawbih, H. ,"Effects of a Remedial Linguistic Program to Improve the Translation of Arabic Prepositions by Translators",Arab World English Journal,2 (2),2018
2016 Althawbih, H. , Rabadi, R. I.,"Hindrances Encountering Undergraduate Jordanian Students when they Translate Islamic Terms",Arab World English Journal,7 (3), 31-50,2016
2015 Dr. Reem Rabadi, Dr. Haytham Hammad,"التنغيم والمَفْصل والطول: دراسة لسانية تقابلية بين العربية والإنجليز ية",أماراباك",ISSN 2161-3621,2015,2015
2015 Rabadi, R.I. , Althawbih, H. ,"Intonation, Juncture and Length: A Comparative Linguistic Study between Arabic and English ",Journal of American Arabic Academy for Sciences and Technology (AMARABAC),6 (18): 23-42,2015
2015 Rabadi, R. I. , Althawbih, H. ,"Effects of Structural Context Integration on Ambiguity Elimination for Students of Translation",Arab World English Journal,6 (3), 47-63,2015
2014 ,"The Use of Corpora in Linguistics",Journal of American Arabic Academy for Sciences and Technology (AMARABAC),Volume 5, Number 12, PP. 147 – 166.,2014
2013 ,"What is the Vocabulary Size of Jordanian Undergraduate University Students Studying English?",Journal of Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University,Volume 18, Number 1, PP. 47 – 76.,2013
,"1. Exploring the Validity of the Vocabulary Levels Test in the Jordanian Context ",in process,
,"2. Jordanian Learners' Mastery of English Vocabulary",in process,