Warehouse Section: It is the body responsible for keeping, managing, maintaining and monitoring the materials until they are requested and used by the concerned authorities. It is the department concerned with keeping and taking care of the stock. , methods of transportation, receiving, inspection, expiry dates, validity, securing the warehouse, and assigning the staff inside the warehouse.
The Warehouse Section is one of the important divisions in any government facility, and no government establishment is left without it, and its primary role is to preserve and manage the various items that the establishment purchases and keep, whether they are permanent items (fixed assets) or expendable items.
The Warehouse Section acts as a main control point for the flow of different items from suppliers to beneficiaries
Of these items, they are kept in warehouses in different quantities as required and are dispensed upon request.
Warehouse Section Tasks:
  • Document all transactions on the inventory

  • Ensure the best practices of the storage conditions inside the warehouses.

  • Periodically review the inventory transaction database

  • Provide the required security, safety, and control systems