It an honor to serve as the Acting Director of the Supply and Inventory Management Department (SIMD) at the German Jordanian University, and to be representing the SIMD staff.

In January 2022, the new public procurement law has been approved which highlight ways to optimize the transparency, and efficiency and effectiveness of investment spending. In response to this law; The SIMD has been restructured for the objectives of:

1) improving quality through developing the yearly procurement plan for GJU, and provide the required logistical support and statistical reports to the procurement decision makers.

2) reducing overall procurement time, through developing the Supply and Inventory Management eSystem.

3) enhancing procurement delivery systems and contract management and execution, through providing highly-skilled experts to the entities responsible for contracting management.

4) Accurately track and control the inventory in the warehouses, through providing the new technologies that empowers the warehouse team to operate as efficiently as possible.


Finally; the SIMD would not be perfectly operated without the support of the GJU management and departments, different governmental entities, supplies and service providers, and SIMD staff members. And I will continue support to address the enhancement of the procurement and contract implementation.


Best Regards,


Rasha Alhomoud

Acting Director