December 14-16, 2021


As part of the ongoing celebrations of the establishment of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and in line with the continuous support of the founding King and the four kings after him in elevating the cultural and artistic movement in Jordan and its influence globally, we the German Jordanian University are honored to place Jordan as a part of this global contemporary culture. In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, we are pleased to announce the launch of the conference entitled

 “Culture and Arts in Jordan throughout 100 years.”


This conference aims to serve as a scientific record of what developments may come after this cultural and artistic movement in Jordan in all literary, visual, and societal aspects which will preserve the rich cultural and artistic outcomes and developments resulting from this movement. Furthermore, the movement will welcome a future for culture and art in the Kingdom by outlining its settings.


  1. Study the national cultural and artistic accomplishments thus far by researching, analyzing and evaluating them. As a result, this study will showcase the possible ways to elevate such accomplishments. Search for ways to 2.

  2. prepare the creative atmosphere in order to enter the cultural future through creative and innovative tools.

  3. Offer an environment for cultural and social dialogues and meetings.


Conference Themes

  1.  Creative Literature and Art.

  2.  Materialistic and Spiritual Heritage.

  3. General culture.

  4. Cultural exchange with other countries and the German Jordanian experience.


Secondary Themes

  1. Creative Literature: Novel, short story, poetry, and literary criticism.

  2. Creative Art: Recreational arts, music, theater, drama, digital arts.


Spiritual Heritage (Spoken):

  • Customs and traditions and cultural diversity in Jordanian society (folklore rituals, agricultural rituals, weddings, funerals, and the visit of religious tombs…etc).

  • Folklore literature (traditional stories, games, poems, calendar… etc).

  • Folklore singing and music.

  • Traditional and folklore crafts.


Materialistic Heritage:

  • Architectural, modern and historic heritage.

  • Touristic knowledge and cultural tourism.

  • Studies in documents and blueprints.


General Culture:

  • Media and Knowledge ( Knowledge and Technology).

  • Knowledge and the Future ( the future of culture and arts, the knowledge of the future ( future scenarios).

  • Cultural Society (Cultural institutions, Media personnel, cultural legislations).



  • 19/4   Conference Invitation.

  • 4/9    Last day for receiving overviews.

  • 8/9   assessing the overviews and announcing the date for final results.

  • 15/10  Last day for receiving complete researches.

  • 15/11  Assessing the researches and the first feedback on the accepted researches or amended researches.

  • 30/11  The date for announcing final results.

  • 12/14-16 The date for the start of the conference.


Conference Nature:

The conference will be held face to face unless otherwise stipulated by health circumstances.


Conference Languages:

The languages to be used in the conference are: Arabic, English and German.


To Participate:

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Please send:

  1. Researcher's name. 

  2. Affiliation.

  3. Email and telephone number. 

  4. Research title.  

  5. A detailed abstract around (400-500 words) With the required shapes or tables. 

to the following e-mail:


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Program brochure /English here.

Program brochure /Arabic here.

Program brochure/Germany here.