The School of Architecture and Built Environment was founded in 2006. It is formed on an applied model of education that integrates academia with practice. Through its interactive learning environment, the school prepares the students for critical involvement with real practice and enhances their awareness and sensitivity to social responsibilities, sustainability and environmental intervention, and the benefits of research and innovation. Emphases are placed on teamwork, networking, and the integration of education and the marketplace.



The School of Architecture and Built Environment is a competent institution of higher education with:

  • Unique inter-disciplinary approaches
  • Integrative academic and practical approach
  • Creative image that contributes to visual culture
  • Applied research activities
  • Transparency in acceptance and admission
  • International and local critical involvement


The School of Architecture and Built Environment, Areas of Distinction

The German Dimension

  • Jointly prepared Study Plans and Programs with German universities.
  • One semester study in a German-Speaking University.
  • 20 weeks internship in German Industries.
  • German and German-educated instructors.
  • Joint Projects and Workshops with German Universities.

Market-Driven Programs

  • Market-ready graduates 
  • Involving the Industry in designing the Study Plans
  • Real projects with real clients and sites / locations
  • Involving the Industry in evaluating and assessing the students' projects
  • Short training courses and Professional Diplomas.
  • Student Affiliation Program

Exposure to International, Regional and Local Cultures

  • Research projects through travel and education 
  • Field research linked to the local community

Learning Environment

  • "Outcome-Based Teaching and Learning Approach": “student-centered”  rather than the traditional “teachers-centered”.
  • Faculty members: graduates of esteem universities, vast academic and professional experiences, and international backgrounds
  • Industrial Professors
  • Small studios, labs, working groups and theoretical classes
  • Open studios and labs on weekends and after official working hours till 11:00 pm.
  • One Full-time Faculty member  per 15 Students.
  • Selected qualified students through placement exams and personal interviews
  • Intimate environment.
  • Academic counseling
  • Promotes lateral and vertical integration of various fields of knowledge;
  • Provides networks for local and international affiliation and internships;
  • Exchanges knowledge and experience with the international community through education and travel.