Can a DS student enroll in other online classes @ the university while he is conducting his summer internship?

NO, he has to follow accurately  the DS academic plan.

What courses to register during my German Year study semester?

Students are to register 12-21 GJU credits.

5 credits Advanced Architecture Design or equivalent plus 7 credits Technical electives.


What are the German language minimum requirements to start German Year?

 The minimum requirements are to pass German 5 (2 parts B1) plus to finish German 6 (pass or fail)

What are the German Year pre-requisite courses?

Check the PDFs for Architecture and Interior Architecture pre-requisite courses and the study plan 2022,


When can I submit and register for the Thesis Proposal and How?

If you are enrolled through the thesis track program, you can submit your thesis proposal after you finish at least 15 credit hours successfully, and after you finish the course SABE724 Research methods successfully. However, thesis proposals don’t need any registration, you can submit your thesis proposal using gs-form 17 and gs-form 18 within the announced deadlines each semester.

When can I register the thesis and what are the total number of credits and semesters for the thesis submission?

After you receive the official approval on the thesis proposal, you will be able to register for the thesis course. you have to register the thesis course of 6 credits for the first semester after the approval, then the thesis course of 3 credits, and in that order. If you needed more time to finish your thesis, you can then register thesis course of 0 credits as long as you need without exceeding the maximum number of semesters allowed for your studies.

What is the maximum number of semesters for ( Graduate Studies )?

Students maximum number of allowed semesters of studies are 8 semesters, in addition, they are allowed to postpone a semester 2 times during their studies, making the total of allowed semester 10 semesters with the postponed semesters. However, a third exceptional postponement can be allowed if needed and after the approval of the deanship of graduate studies, making the total of allowed semester 11 semesters if exception is granted.


Will conducting the Dual study internship at a GJU DS company  bind  the DS student to work with this company after graduation?

In principle, the concept of a DS track is based on linking the dual study student with a possible job opportunity through interning for three consecutive summer semesters.

The contract between the student and  the company clarifies the situation for if the company offers a suitable job opportunity for the graduating intern, then the student will need to consider. A penalty may be included  in the contract as in returning the salaries to the company if the DS student does accept the suitable offer. But this his has not happened to date.

Can  a DS student change their  company after the first year?

As a first step you need to familiarize with the company  that you are applying  to before starting the internship and if any challenge is faced please contact your Assistant Dean to help settle any query or challenge that arises while you are serving. It is not advisable to change your company but if this happens the student  will need to go through the process of applying to the companies  independently in the company day and usually it is hard to locate another company which means he/she can no longer stay as a DS student.