Local Internship Students Instructions


Internship Location
  •  Suggested Firm/Institution should be approved (accredited) by the concerned Department according to the recommendation of the concerned Local Internship Officer.
  • List of accredited Firms/Institutions should be prepared for each Department; additional Firms/Institutions (inside or outside Jordan) could be added to the list after providing the Department with a brief and/or portfolio about the Firm/Institution to be accredited by the concerned Department Council.
  • Approval of Internship location should be given two weeks prior of the end of semester preceding the semester of Local Internship.
Local Internship guidelines
  • Students should apply for Local Internship at the Local Internship Office in his Department by filing Form No. 1. Application should be within 30 days from the beginning of the semester proceeding the Internship semester.
  •  The concerned Local Internship Officer should provide Form II to the suggested Firm/Institution. The approval of the Firm\Institution should be given on the same Form.
  • Students cannot start their Local Internship before getting the formal approval of the Firm\Institution.


General Instructions
  • Starting the Local Internship requires passing 60 C.H, and it should be at the third year level.
  • Local Internship is a total of 160 Working Hours at an approved Firm/Institution, at least 2 Full-time continuous working weeks.
  • Local Internship normally, starts at the begging of Summer Semester and after official exams of the Second Semester are over. Students should start the local Internship not late than the first week of July of each year.
  • Students can perform their Local Internship during the First or Second Semesters in coordinate with the concerned Local Internship Officer.
  • After completing the Local Internship, the student should submit a hard copy and a soft copy portfolio illustrating the Internship.
  • After completing the Local Internship, the Firm\Institution had to fill Form III (Evaluation of Students Performance), and send it to the Local Internship Officer at SABE in a sealed envelope.
  • Dean of the School has the right to consider the participation in Summer School Workshops equivalent to Local Internship.