Career Services is established to assist students in career readiness. career readiness is the attainment and demonstration of needed skills and abilities that prepare GJU students and graduates for a successful transition into the work world.

Career Services has set the following employability skills and career readiness competencies that GJU students will attain during their academic journey at GJU:

  • Career Counseling, the career counselor works to develop the career skills of the students. It is empowering them to pursue careers that match their interests, competencies, values, and education. Assisting the students in using the best practices to building their career path, by providing tools for assessment of career-related interests, individual strengths, and values.
  • Career Development, building a career database to help students search and apply for internship and employment opportunities after graduation.

arranging workshops for career readiness, such as resume preparation, interview skills, networking and career exploration. Assisting students one-on-one with resume review, simulation interviews and career advising.

  • Communication, arranging on-campus recruiting and networking events.
  • Critical Thinking, determining and responding based on an understanding of the situational situation, and logical analysis of relevant information.
  • Equity and Inclusion, showing the attitude, awareness, and knowledge needed to fairly engage individuals from different cultures.
  • Leadership, enhances the personality skills to inspire, encourage and motivate self and others to reach organizational goals under clear vision.


King Abdullah II Fund for Development – KAFD


Providing the university’s students with the necessary skills needed for the labor market.


The office trains the university’s students and enhances their profession and personal skills to enhance development and innovation. It cooperates with private and public civil service institutions to increase job opportunities and professional success.

Office’s Services:

  • Supervision of the alumni ambassadors team.
  • Building-up and maintain the alumni database and GJU alumni center.
  • Coordination to connect GJU alumni with employers for the secured job opportunities.
  • Arranging trainings, seminars, alumni talks, and workshops to improve personal and career skills to GJU alumni and students.
  • Participating in organizing the university career fair.