Recognition of GJU Degrees

The Central Office for Foreign Education (Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen–ZAB) operates the anabin database, which provides information on the evaluation of foreign educational qualifications and universities.

Instructions on how to use the anabin database in case a Statement of Comparability is required during your visa process can be found here.

Academic qualifications (

Please note, that GJU degrees are all considered equivalent to a German university degree. (H+ status)


German Language Requirements

Very good German language knowledge is important for most of the jobs offered in Germany. Even if some jobs (e.g. in the IT sector or other high qualified jobs) will no longer require German language proof to obtain the visa, it is highly recommended to continuously improve your German language skills to facilitate your (work) life in German as well as your job search and application. Some German companies may require proof of a particular level of German knowledge to work for them and complete the work visa application process. This is on a case by case basis and entirely depends on the company.

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You can use this chart to check whether and which German language skills you need to have to obtain a certain residence title.