To promote entrepreneurship and innovation at GJU, DI-TECH will provide promising ideas submitted by its students, academic and administrative staff with a seed fund that enables them to start their own businesses. This will be accomplished by launching Call for Proposals (CFPs) throughout the year, where proposals will be submitted by GJU members and evaluated by a professional committee that contains representatives from the industry, academia, and experts from the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The provided financial support will enable entrepreneurs to obtain the needed hardware, software, and consumables, hire professional software developers, hire researchers, and technicians, and prepare a sales and marketing campaign to provide more visibility of the developed ideas and many other activities that are needed to build an advanced prototype that can work as a Minimum  Valuable Product (MVP) of the proposed idea.  Furthermore, DI-TECH will provide start-up access to its innovation lab facility, where they can use the machine and equipment to build and validate the MVP.  Having such an MVP will pave the way toward attracting more funding to move it to the production and commercialization stages.  

Furthermore, DI-TECH will work with successful entrepreneurs towards leveraging their business ideas by attracting investors locally and globally to provide more financial support, expand the start-up operation, and provide legal consultation and assist in the company registration process.