• Nurture the entrepreneurship spirit among the university's students, staff, and alumni
  • Develop a world-class innovation and entrepreneurship education program
  • Link the university's entrepreneurs with the local and global entrepreneurship ecosystems
  • Support the commersilization of scientific research outcomes
  • Connect entrepreneurs and innovators with industrial leaders and potential investors

What we offer

  • Awareness training on innovation and entrepreneurship
  • A co-working space for innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Specialized courses on entrepreneurship and product design
  • Mentoring programs for startups and entrepreneurs
  • Design and prototyping services through the innovation lab
  • Financial support for incubated startups and spin-offs
  • Support graduation and research projects to convert them into businesses
  • Workshops with the industry on emerging technologies
  • Organizing and implementing hackathons to provide solutions for local and global challenges
  • Legal services for business establishment and growth