DI-TECH is the first Deanship in Jordan dedicated to innovation, technology transfer and entrepreneurship. The establishment of DI-TECH comes as an important milestone towards transforming GJU to an entrepreneurial university. As we witness the expansion of societal and economic challenges, this Deanship strives to provide the tools for our students to gain effective entrepreneurial and employability skills. In doing so, GJU graduates will have a great chance to implement innovative solutions and take part in the global digital transformation movement for the benefit of our country and humanity at large.

There are three sections that fall under the umbrella of DI-TECH: the employability section, the technology transfer and industrial links section, and the innovation and entrepreneurship section. The employability section is responsible for providing professional career services to our students with full engagement with our alumni. It also acts as a point of contact for companies and organizations regarding hiring and training purposes. The technology transfer and industrial links section manage a vast network of industrial partners in Jordan, Germany, and worldwide. The section is also responsible for the overall management of our innovative Dual Study program which connects students with practical experience at an early stage of their education journey. In addition, this section is responsible for the protection and management of intellectual properties resulting from our research and authorship activities at GJU. On the other hand, our innovation and entrepreneurship section provides incubation services, organizes specialized training and hackathons, provides pre-seed funding, and connects entrepreneurs with potential investors.

DI-TECH also is the home for several entities including GJU-Orange Digital Center Club (GJU-ODC) where students learn about various new technologies to enhance their employability. The Deanship also ensures that students and graduates are benefiting from the services provided by King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) for their creativity, excellence, and innovation.   The Innovation Lab in the Deanship provides design and digital fabrication services to support researchers, students, and entrepreneurs in realizing their ideas.

We are aiming towards bridging the gap between academia and industry along with fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation on campus. We enjoy partnerships and are always looking for collaborations to be the real hub for creativity in the region. DI-TECH is another addition to the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jordan and will always strive to connect the two worlds: Jordan and Germany. We believe we can do a lot together, which is a great time to do it.

Whether you are a student with a bright idea, an industrial partner, a dedicated researcher, I hope that you will benefit from DI-TECH services and take advantage of our resources. I look forward to welcoming you all in our DI-TECH.

Nidal Alshwawreh, Ph.D.

Dr. Nidal Alshawareh